In Memory:

B. Jean Kistle
10/19/1921 - 11/3/2017
Jean was a retired Air Force Veteran and Life Member of MHGRC.  She served during WWII and continued her career as a Budget Officer in Colorado Springs.  With her partner, Betty Story, Jean bred Goldens under the Kinnikinnik kennel name and continued competing in obedience until well into her '80's.  She and Betty served as Trophy chairs for the GRCA 1989 National which Mile Hi hosted.

Services for Jean will be held on Friday, Nov. 17 at 11:00 a.m. at the Calvary United Methodist Church, 4210 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs.  A reception will follow.

James Howard
Word has just been received that Jim Howard, husband of long-time Mile Hi member Barb Howard, has died.  Like Jean, Jim was born in 1921 and was also a WWII veteran.  Jim was a long time fixture at local field trials, first as a competitor and judge, then accompanying Barb as an ardent spectator.  His warmth and humor will be missed.

Both WWII veterans, both died shortly before Veterans Day.

Anne Shannon Receives the Rachel Page Elliott Featherquest Lifetime Achievement Award at 2017 GRCA National Specialty

Education takes many forms.  It can occur in the traditional methods of classroom lectures, writing books, or creating works of art. It can occur “behind the scenes”, organizing presentations, facilities, and resources. Education is really any means of communicating knowledge and experience from one person to another.  Anne Shannon educates by many means and has spent a large portion of her life transferring her understanding and knowledge of Golden Retrievers to others

As a judge of numerous Sweepstakes, Anne has carefully evaluated individual dogs and rendered her opinion on how close each comes to meeting the Golden Retriever standard.

She has made numerous Judges’ Education presentations to further the knowledge of prospective judges about the Golden Retriever. She demonstrates with humor, with deep understanding and with real dogs the qualities a judge should look for in the ring.

As an officer and member of the Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club Anne has, over more than 40 years, brought in speakers and programs on many subjects to dog fanciers in the Mountain West.  She has arranged for presentations not only on the breed standard or performance events, but also on health issues, legal issues, and just plain informative and fun issues.  She has acted as a producer to make educational topics available to many.

Anne served GRCA in numerous capacities, including President, Western Regional Vice President, Judges’ Education Committee member, and most currently Archivist.  She has demonstrated her commitment to education in these capacities, furthering the knowledge of GRCA members nationwide.  She has not hesitated to speak up on issues of concern and has not shied away from making the tough decisions.  By doing this she educates by example, demonstrating that being quiet and self-effacing is not always an appropriate response to issues impacting the breed or the sport of pure-bred dogs.

Mile Hi has always been fortunate to have Anne as a stalwart member of our club.  Congratulations, Anne!