We extend a warm welcome to you as a prospective member of the

Mile-Hi Golden Retriever Club (MHGRC). Whether you prefer to participate in agility, conformation, field, obedience or learning more about your cherished pet/companion, we thank you for your interest in the our club.

The Mile-Hi Golden Retriever Club was formed with the primary goal of improving the breed, especially in Colorado and the surrounding areas. We accomplish this goal through hosting special events, informative club meetings, and serving as a resource for our breed.  The Golden Retriever is almost totally unique in its multi-functional capabilities. Our dogs are used for such diverse areas as: agility, conformation, obedience, hunting (field trials and hunting tests), tracking, search and rescue, service dogs, and faithful pets and companions.  Through its many activities, the club helps members to know, raise, and train high quality dogs. It is our members' active participation that is improving the breed in the Colorado area.


MHGRC offers two forms of membership. Full Membership includes all club privileges, including voting on club decisions and issues, eligibility to compete for club trophies, use of Puppy Referral, and a subscription to the club newsletter "Gold Diggings." To become a full member, you must attend two club functions, one of which must be a Membership Meeting, prior to election.

MHGRC also offers an Associate Membership, for those persons who live at least 250 miles outside the Denver-metropolitan area or out-of-state. Associate Members enjoy all of the above privileges, except voting. To become an Associate Member, persons must attend one club-sponsored function (not necessarily a Membership Meeting) before election to membership. Both forms of membership imply a willingness to support, help, and participate in club activities.

With the growing popularity of the Golden Retriever, MHGRC believes that we must all endeavor to be the guardians of this wonderful breed. We encourage all members to seek continuing education and to use this knowledge wisely in the care and perpetuation of the breed.

For membership information, please contact:

Suzie Jordan