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Provide a list of club member breeders who are committed to preserving the health, soundness, and quality of breed type as stated in the AKC breed standard for the Golden Retriever. (http://www.grca.org/history_breed/breed_standard.html)  In providing this resource, it is our goal to help people connect with responsible breeders, establish a lasting relationship with their breeder, and assure a long, healthy, and well-tended life for our Goldens.


To be listed, breeders have agreed to follow the code of ethics of the Golden Retriever Club of America, and meet all additional requirements as listed below.  MHGRC breeders are not commercial vendors or brokers, and they are not in the business of selling dogs.  MHGRC breeders are breed fanciers who are dedicated to the health and future of the breed.  Their primary goal for any breeding is to ensure the health and quality of the dogs they produce in pursuit of their hobby. The breeder list is updated annually to ensure breeders are current in meeting these requirements.

To be listed on the Breeder Referral list, an individual must have been a Mile Hi member for at least six months, pay an annual fee of $25.00, and volunteer (8) hours at/for a club event,  to be listed.

What is a Well-Bred Golden Retriever?

A well-bred Golden Retriever comes from a well-educated breeder. You don’t just wake up one day and start computer programming.  The same is true for “programming” the genetic makeup of a Golden Retriever.  Without first investing time to learn best practices, the results will be disastrous. Learning about the breed, its history and purpose breed standard, genetic health issues, the impact of care and feeding on the health of the animals, responsible dog ownership and more are all directly linked to producing healthy puppies with desired breed attributes.  Attending seminars, shows and performance events, and exchanging experience-based knowledge among fellow club members, fanciers around the globe, and highly respected breeders throughout the breed’s history, contribute to this foundation.  Well-educated breeders have also learned from the best teachers of all:  the Golden Retrievers they have loved, trained, and exhibited in club-sponsored and AKC events.  Whether you seek a family companion, show or performance champion, or hunting dog, you will benefit long term if you acquire your Golden Retriever from a knowledgeable breeder.

Breeders Listed Have Met the Following Requirements

  • Are members in good standing of Mile-Hi Golden Retriever Club (MHGRC)
  • Abide by the GRCA Code of Ethics.  Please visit www.grca.org/thegrca/code.html to see the complete code of ethics.
  • Breed animals only after they are two years of age and are eligible for appropriate documentation applying to health of hips, eyes, hearts and elbows.
  • Provide purchasers of puppies or adults appropriate documentation regarding the health of dogs involved in a breeding or sale, including reports of examinations such as those applying to hips, eyes, hearts and elbows.  If any such examinations have not been performed on a dog, this should be stated.
  • Keep accurate breeding records and registration information in accordance with American Kennel Club regulations
  • Provide purchasers of adults or puppies with accurate papers to include a three generation pedigree, registration certificate and/or a written sales agreement as to whether a guarantee is provided and setting forth any terms, conditions or limitations thereto, together with complete medical records.  If the puppy is to be sold on Limited Registration, the terms of that registration are explained.
  • Provide, in writing, all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees, to be signed by both parties at the time of sale.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with purchasers and, if for any reason there is a problem, assist or provide a resolution. This is a lifetime commitment. A Golden Retriever in need of a new home who is owned by, bred by or sired by a dog owned by a member of MHGRC should not become a rescue dog. Whenever feasible, this dog should become the responsibility of the owner, breeder, or owner of the sire.
  • Thoroughly get to know prospective buyers to ensure they are a good match to the puppy or adult being placed, and that they have all appropriate resources to assure a long, healthy and well-tended life for their new Golden Retriever.
  • Help long-distance puppy buyers make the necessary preparations for the puppy to travel home with them in the cabin of an airplane or properly and comfortably crated in their vehicle.

Breeders on this list will not:

  • Sell puppies or adults through third parties, including but not limited to: online brokers, newspapers, auctions, pet shops, catalog houses, laboratories, dog-fighting operations, or any wholesale dealer in dogs (a dealer being a person who regularly buys dogs for re-sale at a profit), or to any person who sells to any of the above. Members will not knowingly offer stud service to wholesale dealers or to any person involved with any of the above.
  • Provide a Golden Retriever for use in raffles, fundraisers, or similar enterprises.
  • Sell a puppy under 7 weeks of age.  MHGRC recommends puppies be sold at 8 weeks per Colorado law.  If a puppy is to fly to its new home, the required health certificate cannot be obtained until 8 weeks of age.


The Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club does not endorse or recommend any breeder, assume responsibility for the quality, health, or temperament of any puppies, or guarantee the services of any breeder. The breeder referral service is designed for the convenience of prospective owners trying to locate a puppy. MHGRC strongly urges you to carefully check out all of the people you contact to be certain that their standards of quality and ethics meet your expectations.  The selection of a breeder is an important decision.  We encourage any prospective Golden Retriever owner to become familiar with our breed, the breed standard, and possible hereditary defects prior to contacting any breeder.  To learn more about choosing a Golden Retriever, visit www.mhgrc.com and www.grca.org 




Checklist for buying a puppy provided by the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. In addition to the excellent Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue article, GRCA has a valuable online publication ACQUIRING A GOLDEN RETRIEVER.  Both have valuable checklists of questions for prospective puppy owners to ask breeders.